Nick Janicki

Nick Janicki

Nick Janicki

True REST & Float Pod Technologies





Nick Janicki is the founder of the True REST® Float Spa, CEO of Float Pod™ Technologies and founder of the True REST currently has 8 locations open/opening with 20 more on the horizon and True REST is currently the fastest growing floating franchisor in the world.

Nick discovered floating in November of 2008, after watching a Joe Rogan video about it. He immediately sought out the experience and after several months of searching was able to try it. He was sold after the first float and recognized, “As a society it seems we have forgotten how to relax, and relaxation is a state that must be remembered. Flotation Therapy is an environment that meditates you, and without any effort your body, mind, and spirit awaken to the memories and benefits of true rest.”

Nick has the vision of creating a brand based platform for floating and estimates 1,000,000 will have floated through the True REST brand within the next 5 years. Nick believes the future of floating is all about collaborative technological enhancements and is researching and actively integrating technologies and environmental changes into the floating, including ORME, grounding, EMF blocking, sound resonance, bio-feedback, etc.