Marco Morelli

Marco Morelli

Marco Morelli

Marco V Morelli is the founder and CCO of Cosmos Cooperative and creative director of Metapsychosis Journal. He studied Philosophy and Comparative Literature at Binghamton University, and worked for Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute from 2003 to 2007, co-authoring the book Integral Life Practice, before leaving to follow the pathways of art. His podcast, Mind to Mind (forthcoming), is hosted at He is currently at work on a new book of poems, stories, and essays titled  I AM THE SINGULARITY.

Integral and Me


Join the Cosmos Coop’s reading group focusing on Shantaram. For Spirit Tech 2.0 participants free with this coupon code:“SpiritTech”. Go here to join:

Starts May 4th, 2017.

Shantaram is a novel with great emotional depth and moral significance, which has changed people’s lives. Won’t you join us in a literary adventure that explores the edges of human consciousness through the unique lens of fiction? As a participant in this group, you will practice the skills of critical reading and narrative empathy, while getting to enjoy and appreciate a profound work of art—and having some great conversations along the way!

From Sign up to participate in our reading group for Gregory David Roberts’ novel Shantaram. This reading group will meet weekly via Zoom video conference on Thursdays from 6–7:15 pm Mountain time, from May 4th to June 29th (9 sessions). You will also get access to our dedicated discussion channel on

Two or three meetings may be offered in person for participants in the Denver/Boulder area of Colorado, so if you’re local, please let us know!


COSMOS is a co-op for people with “visionary tendencies.”

We’re a community of writers, artists, programmers, designers, philosophers, and otherwise ordinary people who feel passionately about exploring the depths and potentials of our shared reality, joining forces to produce works of collective genius that elicit the best in us.1

While we are a collective of individuals—with particular needs, motivations, and models of reality that we may not always be able to commonly define—we nonetheless come together in a common participatory framework for conversation, collaboration, and mutual aid.

We recognize, honor, and draw inspiration from the same fire that burns within each of us.

Beginning from the premise of interbeing—the realization that we are not fundamentally separate, but reflect each other infinitely—we value candor, ethics, and compassion as essential to our creativity and play.

As the founders of Cosmos, we believe that it’s necessary to band together to create a cultural space where we can dive deep; stay sensitive and inspired; and remain present amidst chaos.

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