Lynnclaire Dennis

Lynnclaire Dennis

Lynnclaire Dennis

Mereon Matrix

“Lynnclaire’s job is as an intelligence agent who carries about ‘The Secret Formula.’ She has discovered the logo of relationships,” Jim Channon, Author, First Earth Battalion Operations Manual

“I’m a human becoming – tenacious flavored with more than a sprinkle of audacious courage,” Lynnclaire Dennis, The Mereon Matrix

For three decades Lynnclaire has labored with the heart of a visionary and the brain of a scientific pioneer to understand and help translate the universal knowledge we know today as the Mereon Matrix. Lynnclaire is the lead contributor for The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox, Elsevier, 2013.

mm-and-the-flower-of-lifeMereon was revealed in three near-death experiences, and every day Lynnclaire lives her promise to bring it to the world. Working with a team of top mathematicians, physicists, chemists, and biologists located the world over, she has led the investigation that helped identify Mereon’s architecture – its points, edges, and curves. Connecting these forms and mechanisms shows how they are common to healthy living organisms and life-like social systems and uncovers applications that can share Mereon on global scales.

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51Ld8Mf3o7L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Mereon Matrix, a scientific framework that charts the sequential, emergent growth process of systems. A dynamic structure, Mereon provides insight and a new approach to General Systems Theory and non-linear science. Lynnclaire co-edited The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox, published in 2013 by Elsevier Press.

Introducing Fractal Sound Entrainment, a nature-inspired technology that arises as an answer to one main question: how to further harness the transformative power of sound energy in the most organic way possible.

Reasonance‘s special frequencies are one of the first applications of Lynnclaire Dennis’ Mereon Matrix, a formula expressing the growth and flow of natural systems… like the movement of waves, or the growth of a flower – in collaboration with Javi Otero, who developed Reasonance in part by integrating the Mereon Matrix formula.

Reasonance is a unique sonic experience akin to taking a powerful vibrational shower, a mesmerizing soundscape designed to wash away the layers of physical, mental, and emotional tension we all accumulate and carry. Reasonance sessions often leave you in a deeply relaxed state of meditative contemplation.


“As a trans-disciplinary scientist, Lynnclaire is a gifted facilitator, able to cross disciplines and business domains like no one else,” Louis Kauffman, Mathematician, Topologist and Mathematics Professor (University of Illinois at Chicago)

“Lynnclaire? She’s the cosmic energizer bunny!” Richard Shoup, Computer Scientist and Entrepreneur

Lynnclaire co-founded Mereon Solutions as a commercial venture that will deliver these applications to people everywhere. The company’s projects are all built using the sequential logic of forms and how they flow, logic that is inherent in the Mereon Matrix. Each application allows users to experience the resonance of this dynamic geometry.

She knows that, by exploring and recognizing patterns, the possibilities are endless. The opportunities? To mend the holes, end the tears, and reweave painful experiences into a coherent whole by discovering how to intentionally make healthy choices that grow while safely riding the never-ending wave of change.

While Lynnclaire considers herself a Global citizen, she’s an American by birth. For five years ‘home’ has often felt like it was in seat 12A somewhere at 37,000 feet, somewhere between here and there. She’s now most likely to be found in her gorgeous atelier in southern Switzerland.