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Lion Goodman
is CEO of Luminary Leadership Institute, an initiatory program for leaders of businesses and organizations. He helps high-achieving individuals, executives and business owners discover their true purpose, live into their highest virtues, and fully manifest the unique and extraordinary life they want to achieve.

Lion is one of the early pioneers in Spiritual Technologies, in the 70’s created The Quintessence Catalog of Consciousness Tools, a catalog of tools and technologies for awakening, meditation, and self-development. It lasted only two years, but it began a long 40+ year search to find the best transformational technologies.

BeliefMastery_intro_rectangleLion is the creator of Clear Your Beliefs, a methodology for permanently transforming beliefs at the core of the psyche. He has taught this powerful healing method to hundreds of coaches, therapists and healers around the world, and turned one component of it into an iPhone app for mindful embodiment and energetic clearing, called iClearIt.

In 1975, he was granted one of the world’s first Bachelor’s degrees in Consciousness Studies.  Since then, he has studied and practiced the breadths and depths of psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and the principles of success.

Clear Your Beliefs Book template uprightFREE TECH

Download a free copy of Lion’s multimedia eBook, Clear Your Beliefs: Delete Your Limiting Beliefs and Transform Your Life”.

This multimedia book describes the science and the art of theClear Your Beliefs process. It offers an explanation for why you do what you do, and why it’s so difficult to change your habitual patterns of thought and behavior. It’s a beautifully produced primer on beliefs.


unnamediClearIt is a first-of-its-kind self-help app. It’s like having a professional therapist or coach inside your phone, available anytime you need help with a problem.

With iClearIt, you can clear almost any problem or issue that’s interfering with your happiness, or your progress, or is causing you discomfort or pain.

Our videotaped coach will guide you through the elegant and effective iClearIt Process. It’s a mindfulness practice that focuses your attention on body sensations associated with your problem or issue. You’ll discover that you can literally disappear whatever is bothering you – in only about 20 minutes. You’ll gain clarity and peace of mind. And if the problem doesn’t disappear completely, you’ll have a new, fresh perspective, and you’ll be in a much better position and frame of mind to deal with the issue effectively.

The iClearIt Process™ has helped tens of thousands of people around the world eliminate pain, uncomfortable emotions, and troubling thoughts. It has empowered people to change their life circumstances. You’ll find it easy to clear your own mind, and shift your own mood. You can melt away blocks, barriers, and resistance that have been keeping you stuck, so you can move forward more easily, and create the life you want to live.

Use iClearIt to reduce the hold that persistent pains or strong emotions have on you. If you’re in the middle of a business or relationship problem, iClearIt will help you transition into a more peaceful state of mind, and a more open heart. You’ll feel stronger, more resourceful, and more able to manage your circumstances from a centered and grounded state.

With iClearIt, you can clear your space so you can face life with more confidence, love and wisdom.

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For 25 years, Lion was an executive search consultant and executive coach.  His company, The Goodman Group, served more than 250 high-tech companies, from early stage start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

He is the author of Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifestation (with Anodea Judith); and two ebooks: Clear Your Beliefs, and Menlightenment – A Book for Awakening Men.  He has conducted workshops at Kripalu, Hollyhock, and other centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Central America.

Lion has been involved in men’s work for more than 30 years. He is a co-founder of The Tribe of Men, an initiatory program for men in Northern California. He served as Director of Men’s Programs for The Shift Network, an international educational corporation, where he produced the Ultimate Men’s Summit, a ten-day broadcast with 90 speakers and more than 20,000 participants. He produced and directed the Shift Men’s Initiation, which drew leaders of men’s groups from 12 countries.

Lion’s articles have been published on,, and on websites worldwide. His near-death story, A Shot in the Light, has been published widely and was the basis for an award-winning film, The Kindness of Strangers.

He resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his partner, Dr. Carista Luminare. For more information, visit and

Belief Mastery: Clear Your Blocks in the Way of Your Manifestation Power. It’s a 7 week course. Go HERE for the free introductory webinar.