Kari Hohne

Kari Hohne

Kari Hohne

Oracle I Ching - Way of Dreams


For more than four decades, Kari Hohne has analyzed dreams for people around the world. Through her website www.cafeausoul.com, she offers a a virtual database of dream symbols, ancient oracles, and archetypal information. Her pioneering work in dream research inspired her books, which explore the common “hero” cycles of conflict, cause, and resolution that take the dreamer on an adventure of self-discovery.



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Way of Dreams – Dream Dictionary

Consistently featured in the top Lifestyle Apps, this popular dream interpretation app allows you to type your entire dream into a cloud, while our DreamScan Technology searches more than 3000+ dictionary terms and related synonyms to deliver interpretations on symbols often missed when using only a dream dictionary.

Definitions also have hyperlinks to associated ideas, leading you on a journey to understand the richer meaning of your dream.


Her books include The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary, The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams, Nothing Bad Happens in Life: Nature’s Way of Success, Tao te Ching: The Poetry of Nature and The Essential I Ching. Her mobile app Way of Dreams/Dream Dictionary hit top 10 at iTunes when it released in 2009 and has remained in the top of the Lifestyle category ever since. Approached by Amazon to build a similar app for their Android tablet, she also launched Inspired Natural Wisdom, Wheel of Destiny, and Affirmations Inspired by Nature all receiving New and Noteworthy status at iTunes.