Jurriaan Kamp

Jurriaan Kamp

Jurriaan Kamp

The Daily Optimist

I run The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Ode Magazine), a media company focused on presenting solutions to problems the planet and humanity face. We publish a bi-monthly magazine and we organize (online) events and courses. Everything we do is around stories that make lives happier and healthier and the world a better place.

I have four children. I was a founder of Ode Magazine in The Netherlands in 1995. In 2004 we brought the international English edition of Ode to the United States. In 2012 we re-named our magazine The Intelligent Optimist and we launched a membership program to spread intelligent optimism as a way of life.



The Optimist Daily is…


the Optimist Daily can be what no other news service is today: INSPIRING.

Right now, in this chaotic time of almost unprecedented change, we all need information we can trust. And we need reporting on REAL SOLUTIONS. We hear enough about all the problems. But real solutions rarely make the front page. We use algorithms and human editors to create a daily summary of real news focused on the things that ARE working and the solutions that we can apply to our communities, and to our global civilization.

…A movement

The Optimist Daily goes beyond the traditional role of journalism. We seek to actually shift consciousness. Our goal: 100,000,000 people reading our publication every day.