Judith Pennington

Judith Pennington

Judith Pennington

Mind Mirror/Awakened Mind Institute

Judith Pennington is the founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind and co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6. An Awakened Mind Consciousness Trainer certified and specially trained by Anna Wise, she writes about and teaches EEG-led meditation internationally through her books, magazine articles, free e-publications, guided meditation CDs, and practitioner trainings. To learn more about her work and brainwave biofeedback meditation, visit www.InstitutefortheAwakenedMind.com and www.JudithPennington.com.



Listen to two free, downloadable guided meditations to experience the ideal brainwave patterns seen on the Mind Mirror EEG. Enjoy the creative insights flowing out of silent and Awakened Mind meditation as taught by C. Maxwell Cade, Anna Wise, and the Institute for the Awakened Mind.
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The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6

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screen capture - self training am full with color

The Awakened Mind Pattern is characterized by decreased beta, strong alpha, theta, and delta, as shown here. The purple at the bottom represents delta brainwaves, the blue represents theta and the green represents alpha.