James Ripley

James Ripley

James Ripley

Awakened Mind/Mind Mirror


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Listen to two free, downloadable guided meditations to experience the ideal brainwave patterns seen on the Mind Mirror EEG. Enjoy the creative insights flowing out of silent and Awakened Mind meditation as taught by C. Maxwell Cade, Anna Wise, and the Institute for the Awakened Mind.

(Click the image and it will take you to the Awakened Mind Institute to download the meditations.)



The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6

NOTE: If you decide to order The Mind Mirror, please mention you learned about it from Spiritual Technologies 2.0!



James Ripley began his studies of meditation in 1992 with the college hypnosis society at Miami University of Ohio. He is certified by the Anna Wise Center as an Awakened Mind™ Meditation & Brainwave Training Practitioner & Trainer. Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training combines the ancient art of meditation with the most advanced technologies in biofeedback training using EEG, SC (skin conductance), HRV (heart rate variability).

While completing the certification program, he was selected to apprentice with Anna Wise, the developer of the Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training, the foremost international authority on brainwave states and consciousness at the time.

James Ripley has a passion for learning and a deep interest in the development and exploration of consciousness and can be reached here: www.jamesripley.com