Hasan Asif, MD | Aza Mantashashvili, MD | Devon White | Julie White

Hasan Asif, MD, is the mind behind Field’s core methodology. Pioneering a synthesis of multiple modalities in neurotech and medical theory, Dr. Asif created a unique protocol for delivering reliable transformation measured in both subjective experience as well as through EEG, biofeedback, and autonomic functioning. A sought after specialist and speaker, interest and application of Dr. Asif’s methodology is beginning to take root around the world from Georgia to Dubai and back again throughout the US.

Aza Mantashashvili, MD, was that catalyst to take Dr. Asif’s methodology to its necessary conclusions. Bringing decades of experience and a multi-modal approach to treating patients, her meeting with Dr. Asif and the synergy of their work together made Field’s core methodology what it is today. In addition to her work at both Brain Wellness Center and Field, Dr. Mantashashvili began and continues to run a cutting edge medical treatment center in Georgia.

Devon White is an expert in behavioral design. He has spent the past decade working with high impact, top performers from C-suite executives to Cannes award winning directors to elite military operators, helping them function in balance and at peak across every domain of their lives. At the center of his life’s work has been the endless development of the Human Operating System, a framework for creating balanced and optimized individuals that is both comprehensive and scalable. Devon brings his performance-oriented approach as well as his unique model of human behavioral design to Field. Working closely with Dr.’s Asif and Mantashashvili as well as his wife, Julie, Devon spearheads Field’s performance protocols and safeguards its mission.

To deliver true optimization, the methodology of Field needed to be an experience that would hold and support our members through their journey of transformation. A designer of high end, personalized experiences for nearly two decades Julie White ensures that the process of optimization is not only powerful, it feels like coming home. As Field’s creative director, Julie’s touch can be felt on everything from the design of the club to the multimedia experiences that optimize our clients from the inside out.


Field: Pushing the Boundaries of Neuro-Enhanced Wellness

Dr Hasan Asif, MD, Aza Mantashashvili, MD, Devon White & Julie White have teamed up to create FIELD: A gym for the brain using technology and behavioral design.

Key components of their work:

  • how the brain works and what it means to optimize it
  • the emerging trend of extreme wellness (tweaking the self for health, wellness, longevity, and performance)
  • the tech stack (qEEG, TMS, neurofeedback, neuro-modulation, bio-feedback, VR, infra-red, and more)
  • how we’re using it (our methodology)
  • and the importance of personalization in this brave new world

Field is dedicated to transforming the way our clients use themselves and their brains. Our innovative and personalized application of cutting edge neurotechnology is revolutionizing personal development and high performance. Experience the FIELD.