Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson

Subtle Energy Sciences


The Quiet Mind Meditation Mandala

Digital Art that Transmits Subtle Energy

The “Quiet Mind Meditation” Mandala contains a pioneering new “Energetically Encoded Imagery” technology that encodes potent energy medicine signatures into digital art. When opened on a computer, smart phone or tablet, the mandala automatically broadcasts the energetic signatures of:

  • QMM-laptopAlpha brainwaves
  • Theta brainwaves
  • Delta brainwaves
  • Epsilon brainwaves
  • Meditative concentration
  • A quiet mind
  • Heart connection
  • Upliftment

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Energetically Encoded Audio & Media To Help You Succeed In ANY Endeavor…

How To Quickly & Easily Eliminate What’s Holding You BackFrom Giving Your Best To The World…

Goal-Achieving, Limitation-Dissolving Energy Medicine


CATALYST is the energetically encoded audio program offered by Subtle Energy Sciences, designed to support you in succeeding in any endeavor.

It contains very powerful subtle energetic frequencies specifically arranged to get your motivational and creative juices flowing.

complete-product-bundle-mockup-2-1It does NOT contain any guided meditation and is best used/played when you:

  • Work (for hours at a time) on important projects.
  • Want to perform at your best on the job or in your business.
  • Have a LOT of work to do that needs finishing soon but DON’T want to do it.
  • Experience resistance to working on, or doing, anything.
  • Need to begin a project you’ve been procrastinating on.
  • Want to get your motivational and creative juices flowing optimally.
  • Want to brainstorm about any project.
  • Want to get out your pen and paper and begin creatively planning and brainstorming  how to move your life, relationships and/or business to the next level.
  • Need to finish and keep working on a project long after you’ve become tired of doing  so.

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Founded by researcher and inventor Eric Thompson (former co-founder of iAwake Technologies and creator of the Profound Meditation Program), Subtle Energy Sciences (SES) is committed to bringing digital energy medicine to the 21st century.

Since 2007, Eric Thompson has been researching and developing proprietary methods for producing and capturing subtle energies in digital form. The captured energetic signals are then amplified many times using proprietary technology, and embedded into various digital media. The resulting subtle energy technology is among the most powerful technology available. And because of its unique, cost-effective production and delivery methods, SES is now able to make genuinely transformative tools for personal and collective change available to the public at a fraction of the cost of other subtle energy technologies with similar capacity.