Chris Larcombe - Bret Warshawsky - Andrea Harding

Noomap is a Movement/Community which is transcending organizations, business, and the like. We are the products & service we wish to experience in the world. We have been researching and developing socio-technological innovations to bring into the marketplace. We have prototype technologies about ready to take a quantum leap into implementation, as an emergent co-creation we call Synergy Hub Network(s). These innovations & technologies will be models, tools, structures and processes, for planetary scale self organization, synergistic co-creation & peace/love/sharing. These pieces include software, hardware, code, thought-ware, and more.

Chris Larcombe (Larky), Noospheric Systems
Chris designed Noomap upon leaving academia, with a first class BSc degree in Computer Science, Masters (distinction) in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems and PhD work in cognitive developmental (epigenetic) robotics. Chris is a genius computer whizz-kid and humanitarian rolled into one whose scientific acumen penetrates straight to creative possibilities that go way beyond our current understandings. Think Iron Man meets Einstein and Terrence McKenna!


Andrea Harding (Tan), Synergistic Structures
Having played an instrumental role in designing and delivering digital management systems to the UK tourism industry across the last decade on behalf of regional and national government, Andrea is comfortable in bringing large technology innovations into form. A natural innovator, Andrea has already run three of her own businesses and has received several marketing and digital enterprise awards including a nomination by the Tourism Institute for the Queen’s Award for Industry. With a passion for living in the heart, a first class degree in Communications and skills in healing, marketing, technology, business support and development, economic regeneration and team dynamics, Andrea is excited that Noomap brings her drives in life into a singular purpose.

Bret Warshawsky, Gift Civilisation
Bret is Noomap’s maverick visionary intent upon participating in a new cultural story, a paradigm of co-creation and abundance for all. Bret loves to experience people and communities connecting through their dreams, resources and gifts. He sees the possibilities for collaboration and co-creation as our doorway to a loving and novel planetary culture of prosperity and spiritual philanthropy. Bret’s background in mental health campaigning, psychosocial rehabilitation and new paradigm projects give him the ‘inside story’ on what planetary healing looks like personally and collectively.

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