Carole Griggs, PhD

Carole Griggs, PhD

Carole Griggs, PhD

Co-Founder iConscious

Carole Griggs, Ph.D. is co-founder of iConscious. She is a university professor, international speaker, professional coach and consultant, author/writer, and pioneer and leader in the areas of Consciousness Evolution and Human Development, and integrative Wellness and Nutrition. Carole is a professor at National University for the Masters of Science in Complementary and Integrative Healthcare program, owner of Carole Griggs Enterprises LLC (, and author of Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches.

For more than a decade, Carole has been extensively researching and working with clients and coaches worldwide in the awakening and development process. She brings a depth and breadth of experience and expertise working with clients in the evolution of human consciousness, personal and interpersonal development, and in various modalities of physical health and wellbeing. Carole holds a Doctorate degree in Professional Coaching and Human Development, a Masters degree in Education and Teaching, and a Bachelors degree in Science.

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iConscious is co-founded and developed by Carole Griggs and Ted Strauss. iConscious is working with domestic and global partners to create a world in which it is normal for all human beings to awaken their whole being, bring their unique genius into the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness. iConscious aims to reduce suffering and maximize fulfillment by accelerating conscious human development with innovative technologies and sensitive human support systems.

In our experience, a key accelerator of human development is integration. To accomplish our vision, we have created a new model of conscious human development that encourages integration in several ways:

  • It makes clear the 5 domains of human experience that must be integrated for whole being wellness: Consciousness, Uniqueness, Emotions, Mind, and Body.
  • It proves rounded perspective through 4 Views: Subjective, Objective, Relational, and Systemic.
  • It shows the full depth and extent of personal and collective development currently visible.
  • It helps individuals and collectives clearly see where they are and where they’re going in their evolutionary process, making development much more direct.
  • It avoids language that divides the world’s human evolution understandings and strives to use language that is both universal and culturally specific.
  • It equally welcomes East and West, science and spirituality, students and teachers, academics, researchers, religious teachings, and wisdom traditions from native cultures worldwide.

We call it the iConscious Human Development Model. The model is a comprehensive meta-framework we are using to accelerate global evolution.

Explore the interactive modelgo here.

Take the self-assessment. The iConscious Guided Self Assessment (GSA), a simple test anyone can take to discover where they are in their personal evolution, how integrated their process is, and how much of their potential they are living. To learn more, click HERE.


Artificial Intelligence. We are involved in a project called Loving AI, in which we are researching the use of the iConscious model in machine learning and developmental coaching as part of a larger effort to encode unconditional love into digital personalities. We have contributed dialog designs for Sophia, a famous robot who is currently demonstrating great success at helping people to awaken their consciousness, using the iConscious model as an evolutionary framework.