Carol Greenhouse

Carol Greenhouse

Carol Greenhouse

Transformative Studies Program


The Transformative Studies Program

Our highly successful Transformative Studies Program may be the most compelling invitation you’ll ever get to do cutting-edge work on your mind, body, and spirit for a whole year… and then pay the results forward. You’ll learn about the cultural shift that visionary author Joanna Macy has dubbed The Great Turning. And then you and your fellow students will become part of it.

The course revolves around the insight of leading thinkers and Optimist regulars Charles Eisenstein, Ruediger Dahlke, Duane Elgin, Alberto Villoldo, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Ben and Roz Zander, Elisabeth Sahtouris, and many more. To learn more:

The Optimist (formerly Ode magazine) is an independent media initiative focused on solutions and possibility.



Carol Greenhouse is a creative catalyst who has had the great good fortune to serve as a member of the staff of The Intelligent Optimist for almost a decade.

During that time, she worked on virtually every story in the magazine; launched the company’s auctions; acted as lead writer on the transition team from Ode to Intelligent Optimist; led The Intelligent Optimist Live promotions team, designing and marketing courses and events; and lots more.

At the same time, her own quest for spiritual healing and transformation has led her to people like Ruediger Dahlke, Marcus Veysey, and Charles Eisenstein, who have become regulars in the magazine and in The Intelligent Optimist’s courses.

Carol is the program director and founder of The Transformative Studies Program: Higher Education for the Soul, the Certificate in Transformative Medicine, and the Independent Study Program.