Ryan Parks – The internal OS that helps us understand the meaning and direction of life

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John Dupuy and Javi Otero talk to Ryan Parks, one of the founders of Sacred Media, the online learning organization that produced the Superhuman Operating System, online training with Ken Wilber.


Ryan’s been dedicated to the potentials of online learning for over a decade. He has worked with Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, Terry Patten, Thomas Huebl, Andrew Harvey, Paul Scheele, Marie Diamond, Marci Shimoff, Lynne Twist, Seane Corn, Claire Zammit and many more to bring online transformative learning to people from around the world. After working with a number of world-renowned teachers, and authors, Ryan wanted to work with Ken Wilber directly to distill his remarkable Integral framework into it’s most accessible form. This project became the Superhuman OS.


Your Superhuman Potential

Superhuman OS