Mina Lee – Consciousness Hacking, Communitas, and the Evolution Revolution

John Dupuy talks to Mina Lee, currently a partner with Mikey Siegel at Consciousness Hacking. Prior to that, Mina was Chief of Staff for Xiaomi – Southeast Asia, a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group, and a development consultant for the World Bank.


Consciousness Hacking amplifies and supports conscious innovators creating technologies that transform the human experience of life.  Conscious innovators include inventors, technologists, scientists, businesspeople and investors, artists, and others from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal to push the front lines of using technology for human wellness and flourishing, promoting transformative technologies that allow for perspective-shifting experiences to be universally accessible to people no matter where they are. Towards a future of joy and well-being, of connection and consciousness, of abundance and aliveness.


Consciousness Hacking