Typical Problems/Solutions

How do I access the event?

  1. Register on this website – this will give you access to specific links for each event, reminders, 15+ free downloads, etc.
  2. Register on The Amplifield – this will give you access to each event, enable you to participate in live chat, etc. 

The video isn’t streaming:

  • Refresh your screen.
  • Toggle the play/pause button
  • Close out the webpage/tab then come back in
  • Check to make sure you have the correct time : )

General Tips

  • ​Turn off other programs, shut off other tabs, stop dropbox and facebook and twitter and any other programs that might take up bandwidth.
  • ​Refresh your screen.
  • Exit and try the link again.
  • ​Try a different browser.
  • Check to make sure someone else in your house isn’t gobbling up bandwidth.