Dr. Beverly Rubik – The Frontiers of Subtle Energy & the Power of Unitive Consciousness

John Dupuy and Javi Otero talks to Beverly Rubik, PhD, founder of Institute for Frontier Science and a trailblazer in the subtle energy movement. She will give a PowerPoint presentation on the history of subtle energy research and what she’s working on now – one of the earliest subtle energy / alternative healing researchers in the US.


Beverly Rubik earned her Ph.D. in biophysics in 1979 at the University of California at Berkeley. She is internationally renowned for her pioneering work in frontier science and medicine. Her main area of focus is research on the subtle energetics of living systems, including the human energy field and the body-mind-spirit in health and healing. She has published over 80 papers and two books. Dr. Rubik presently serves on the editorial boards of Journal of Alternative & Complementary MedicineEvidence-Based Integrative Medicine; and Integrative Medicine Insights.She has served on the advisory boards of various distinguished organizations, including the Program in Integrative Medicine at University of Arizona under Dr. Andrew Weil.

Dr. Rubik was one of 18 congressionally-appointed members of the Program Advisory Board to the Office of Alternative Medicine at the US National Institute of Health (NIH) from 1992-1997, and chaired the NIH panels on electromagnetic medicine and spiritual energy healing. This was the precursory organization to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

In 1996, Dr. Rubik founded the Institute for Frontier Science (IFS), a nonprofit corporation for research and education, and is on the Scientific Advisory Panel for the Consciousness & Healing Initiative and the Board of Directors of ISSSEEM.


Institute for Frontier Science