Dorote Lucci – Virtual Reality Therapy for Healing and Spiritual Growth

John Dupuy talks to Dorote Lucci, a digital self-help pioneer, mindfulness coach, and integrative healer who offers mobile solutions for wellness. Here growing business in Tech and Wellness, CoreReboot, specializes in products to support peace and well-being.


Dorote Lucci has both a private practice where she teaches meditation practices, clinical hypnosis, and helps her clients manage and heal their anxiety and stress, and a growing business in Tech and Wellness, CoreReboot, which specializes in products to support peace and well-being. She also facilitates workshops, gives presentations and talks.

Having noticed a need in her clients for gentle support in addition to therapy and healing work, she co-founded Embodied Inc. in 2014. The first app for reprogramming habit patterns was called Worry Bubble (Apple app store) and was born in the very same year. In 2015, she created CoreReboot and brought out StarflightVR, a mobile Virtual Reality experience that brings all the areas together she is enthusiastic about: innovative tech, healing therapies, a neuroaesthetic approach to delivering information, as well as an orientation towards Depth/Transpersonal Psychology. With CoreReboot, she also created and launched FlowforbreathVR, a breathing training app for meditation and self-soothing. Further VR mobile apps are being developed that address stress reduction, anxiety management, and meditation.