Derik Lawlis – You and This App Evolve Together: Mindbliss!

John Dupuy talks to Derik Lawlis, the founder of Mindbliss – an app that provides tools to support well-being via technology that empowers people to listen more deeply to themselves.


From Derik:

“Before Mindbliss, the life of an entrepreneur was calling, when I was offered an opportunity to make millions in a real estate business, which soon became a reality. The experience with success and wealth turned into another job offer: selling a Canadian hedge fund and closing major deals for a prominent steel company. Life was impressive by external terms, but inside I felt challenged to find more meaning.

By the time I was 28 years old, I had lost almost everything, the big loft, a high-paying job, and the desire to run fast was wearing thin on me. The city’s noise and energy was stressful, and it was time for deep change and introspection.

At this point, the journey of returning to myself and focus on self-development had started.

My vision for Mindbliss was born from the humble guidance of inherent wisdom that I’ve been able to reconnect with through meditation and spending time in nature.”