Dan Cohen – SolTec Lounge: Can Lounging Lead to Enlightenment?

John Dupuy talks to Dr. Dan Cohen, a neurologist and a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded Round River Research Corp. to study the healing and psycho-spiritual effects of synchronized music, vibrations, and magnetic fields. He is the inventor of the SolTec Lounge, designed to rapidly induce meditative states with profound levels of relaxation/stress reduction.


Previously, Dr. Cohen co-founded (1982) and managed CNS Inc. until it was acquired by GlaxoSmithKline in 2006 for $566M. CNS, a developer and marketer of hi-tech medical products (brainwave monitors and sleep disorders diagnostic equipment), was best known for its consumer products, the Breathe Right® nasal strip and the FiberChoice™ chewable fiber supplement.

Dr. Cohen holds numerous patents related to EEG signal processing, physiologic analysis algorithms, and additional utility patents related to synchronized sound, vibration, and electro-magnetic fields and their effect on the body and mind. He also has authored the books, Addicted To My Ego and co-authored Claim Your Basic Rights: Create a Practical Partnership with Your Soul, and Claim Your Basic Rights: Embody Your Soul with Jennifer Palmquist.

Dr. Cohen has a BS from Penn State University and received his MD from Temple Medical School with high distinction. His training is in neurology at the University of Minnesota and he is a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.


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